Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Andrew Denman, Wildlife Painter

exerpt from ..A Travel Journal, Written by Andrew Denman:

"The roadside vegetation becomes decidedly more dense as we begin to descend into the Arima Valley. Vines drape the trees like savage garlands, and bromeliads festoon every possible perch. Some lie scattered by the side of the road, perhaps having become too heavy for their branches and fallen. Charan slows the car as we approach a cluster of vines overhanging the roadway. He points out the twisted knot of bromeliads suspended in the web of vines like fish hanging from a limp net. There is something almost mournful about how they dangle there, but in fact it’s a testament to their extreme adaptability and durability." Click here for more images of his work... Wildlife, landscape, & still life paintings in acrylic on masonite