Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ghost Forest

Ghost Forest: a Powerful Visual Statement About Climate Change
LONDON.- On 16 November, London awakened to find Trafalgar Square inhabited by a series of large rainforest tree stumps, many complete with their buttress roots, transported from a commercially logged tropical primary forest in Western Africa. The installation, entitled ‘Ghost Forest’, is the vision of artist Angela Palmer, and its intention is to inspire and provoke debate about the future of the world’s rainforests.

The installation stands in Trafalgar Square for one week, between 16-22 November, before moving to Thorvaldsens Plads – a city centre square in Copenhagen – to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference from December 7-18.

Trafalgar Square is a particularly appropriate location: with Nelson’s Column standing at over 50 metres (169 feet) tall, it is the approximate height many of the ‘Ghost Forest’ trees would have stood at in the forest. In Copenhagen, the Ghost Forest stand as a symbol of threatened rainforests throughout the world, as 11,000 delegates from 192 countries debate their future.