Monday, January 25, 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop - A Banksy Film

An art disaster film....."Banksy, a name which we’re very familiar with is set to debut his first film this month at the Sundance Film Festival. Titled “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, the film is billed as “the world’s first street art disaster movie”, and described by organizers as “…an amazing ride, a cautionary modern fairy tale . . . with bolt cutters.”. This will be the first time the elusive artist, will appear on film. (his publicists have stated however that his identity will not be revealed and only his voice will be heard.)

While “Exit Through The Gift Shop” was left off the official program, it’s inclusion in the festival has been shrouded in secrecy. Initial speculation about the festival’s Spotlight Surprise turned to Banksy after four stencils, believed to be by the artist, appeared on walls in Park City, where the festival is held. Not surprising, given his notoriety for teasing his audience, toying with authority, and continually pulling the wool over people’s eyes to stage unexpected stunts."

...from the blog slamxhype