Tuesday, April 13, 2010


connski — May 20, 2007 — CAMP (4/27-4/28 2007) is an innovative, two-day, outdoor art exhibition featuring regional artists, architects and designers working in a variety of media — sculpture, video, sound, installation, performance — all of whom address issues of sustainability in their work. Pieces will be conceptually and politically challenging, in line with this year's theme of "Miniature and Monumental." Works range from Don Kennell's large-scale mixed-media critique of the Bush administration's cultural and military policies in Iraq, to Matthew Chase-Daniel's suspended pod sculptures, to Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton's solar/battery-powered video with bark-beetle soundtrack.
Sustainability is about more than just environmentalism; it links respect for the environment with equal concerns for social equity and the economy. Without full respect for all of these, few solutions to social, political, economic and environmental problems will prove viable long term. Sustainable art tackles the various challenges posed by these interrelationships, as well as the types of materials and processes used in art making. CAMP aims to promote community and the use of public space to spark dialogue about these issues that concern us all.
CAMP includes a curated art exhibition next to a performance space where musicians, dancers, spoken word artists, bike advocates, and others will perform in a family friendly environment. The public is invited to camp out with us on Friday and Saturday nights.