Friday, April 16, 2010

Nuestros silencios - Monumental sculpture installation in Europe 2009 2010 2011

Nuestros silencios - Monumental sculpture installation in Europe 2009 2010 2011 from ivan goite on Vimeo.

Mexico City, April 7, 2010. The successful echo Our Silences left after passing through Lisbon and Madrid, arrives now with great clatter to the political capital of Europe, Brussels—venue of the European Parliament—to remain there for three months at the exclusive “Quartier Louise.” Differing from the two previous presentations, on this occasion Our Silences renews itself, as the public space for the exhibition has been completely altered by Mexican architect Héctor Velásquez to transform it specifically for this three month exhibition in Brussels, to be held April 21 through July 15, 2010.

The show is continuously moving through Europe to keep transmitting its powerful social message: the need for freedom of expression; that is, being able to express yourself about that which is difficult, that you can’t or don’t wish to talk about. “Though speaking won’t do, or is never enough if the other one is not willing to listen, understand and respond,” underlines sculptor Rivelino.

The presentation in Brussels will be a true novelty because unlike those held in Portugal and Spain, in Brussels, the space at Toison d’Or Avenue at the central, popular and exclusive “Quartier Louise” district will be changed for the exhibition Our Silences, with the collaboration of the Brussels Louise company and of the Mexican Embassy in that city. In the 5,000 square meter grounds, an architectonic intervention planned and designed by Héctor Velásquez will be carried out, under the contemporary premises that highlight the sculptures by providing comfort to the visitor and particularly, by inviting the viewer to reflect upon urban transformation and respect for the environment.

Given its volume, it is worth pointing out that Our Silences implies great logistic complexity and team effort. The group of eleven sculptures, the shipment cases and numerous tools, add up to a total of 25 tons.

La Caja táctil
This show of 10 giants is accompanied by one more sculpture, done by Master Rivelino, specifically for the blind community. Inside this work, the artist has placed four small format sculptures so that the blind can understand and sense the concept of monumental sculptures.

The monumental sculpture exhibition “Our Silences” will travel to: Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France and Mexico.