Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the mona lisa curse by robert hughes

Robert Hughs gives a fascinating view of art, about the politics in the art world from the 50's to the present, using The Mona Lisa as it's main subject. This is part 1 of 12 [each segment about 6 minutes long].

The Mona Lisa Curse
In these “postmodern” days it has been said that there is no more passé a vocation than that of the professional art critic. Perceived as the gate keeper for opinions regarding art and culture, the art critic has supposedly been rendered obsolete by an ever expanding pluralism in the art world, where all practices and disciplines are purported to be equal and valid.

Robert Hughes, however, is one art critic who has delivered a message that must not be ignored.

In Part 12 Hughes wraps up his documentary with some final words;

“Some think that so much of today’s art mirrors and thus criticizes decadence, not so – it’s just decadent, full stop. It has no critical function, it is part of the problem. The art world beautifully copies our money driven, celebrity obsessed, entertainment culture; same fixation on fame, same obedience to mass media that jostles for our attention with its noise and wow and flutter.”