Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NBII LIFE, Library of Images From the Environment

Keri found another great link that she posted to our AML Bookmarks site. NBII LIFE, Library of Images From the Environment - serving well-documented images of nature contributed by individuals and organizations. There are many categories to choose from: animals, environment, plants, landscapes, management, the list goes on. It is a great place to look for images for your artwork.

Our animal images cover a wide variety of vertebrates and invertebrates from the Americas and Africa.

While fungi and molds recently have been placed in a related group, slime molds and other similar organisms still sometimes are considered separate. Please see the Integrated Taxonomic Information System for how fungi and similar organisms are classified.

"Most images that we accept are public domain images, unless otherwise stated. If an image is listed as "public domain," you are free to use it as you wish; no need to ask for permission. We simply ask that you please give credit to the photographer and the National Biological Information Infrastructure (Example photo credit: John Doe/"