Thursday, September 2, 2010

What do I do with all these slides?

Have you gone digital and have a lot of slides left that you don't need anymore? Get creative

Kodachrome Curtains aren't the only things makes, there's also a lamp. You can see it on their website.

On the right, OceanofAwesome on has made a cool lampshade with various slides she's collected over the years.

Still another use for left over slide mounts and one I find particularly fascinating:
This wonderful bracelet was made by Ann L. Lumsden: I found it in the Lark book 500 Bracelets. It's called Vacation, 2004.
[17x5cm,Sterling silver, vintage postcards, plastic and glass slide mounts, steel spring bars;hand fabricated, riveted]

I use to make very small collages that I would put inside glass slide mounts and add a fastener to the back to make them into art pins. They looked wonderful on the lapel of a coat or even on a hat. So, get creative, what can you come up with?