Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art Meets Fashion - A Story of Collaboration

SDVAN (San Diego Visual Arts Network) and FOCUS (Fashion Opportunities Connect US) have embarked on a project to enliven the SD art scene by cross pollinating the fashion and art worlds. By putting together teams consisting of an artist, a fashion designer, a teacher and a documenter, we hope to encourage products with immense creative energy. The collaborations will be showcased April 2011. Finale events will include a VIP fashion show, in a series of independent exhibitions for each of the teams, and a group show, which will present highlights of each team at one venue.

The exhibition will feature the results not only of the collaboration of the artist and fashion designer, but also the documentation of the process by talented videographers, writers and photographers. An exciting component of the team is the educator who will be asked to create lesson plans for their classrooms and general publication. Priority will be given to teachers who work with at risk teens. We are hoping to match emerging with established participants to engender as much mentoring as possible. Our goal is to include teens within the teams when supervision by teachers can be provided.

The Art Meets Fashion mission is to initiate collaborations between established fashion designers and visual artists of excellence, to showcase the creativity in San Diego, and to encourage local teens to be involved in the Arts.