Friday, March 11, 2011

Bronze Pour at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (HD)

Short video illustrating the process of heating and pouring bronze into a sand casting.

Produced for the 'Lost Wax, Found Sculpture" exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, running February 6 through April 17, 2011.

This exhibition explains the technique of making a bronze sculpture according to the historically most widely used technique of the lost wax casting process. The stages of bronze making are illustrated with actual models (created by Minneapolis College of Art and Design professor Don Myhre), and with images from the 18th-century Encyclop├ędie by Diderot and D'Alembert. Focusing on the technical side of bronze casting, the exhibition complements the display of stellar examples of Italian and French bronze sculptures in the exhibition, "Beauty and Power: Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes from the Collection of Peter Marino," on view in the U.S. Bank Gallery from February 6, to May 15, 2011.

And here are a couple more ways to pour: The Bronze Pour @ Augsburg College and Bronze Pour, Sand Casting at Home