Friday, May 6, 2011

Yarn Graffiti Documentary -- IndieGoGo

The Craft
Knitting and crocheting has traditionally been associated with older, retired Americans, specifically grandmas. However, in the past decade, the onset of blogs and online communities have brought knit and crochet art into the hands of a younger medium. Just as graffiti artists would spray paint enormous murals in urban areas, a new generation of craftsman are knitting gigantic patterns over billboards, walls, statues, and even buses.

The Film

The primary goal of this documentary is to formally introduce the world to Yarn Bombing, giving a retrospective history. First, the filmmakers will spend time with each of the knitters, documenting each unique style and statement. Next, we will conduct interviews with each of the subjects, gathering their stories and perspectives on the craft. Topics of discussion will touch on why Yarn Bombing is dominated by women, how it differs from male-dominated crafts, and whether commissioned artists have “sold out” from their guerilla, graffiti roots.