Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keltie Ferris Spray Paints in Solitude

Keltie Ferris Spray Paints in Solitude | "New York Close Up" | Art21 from Art21 on Vimeo.

How does an artist connect to the world while working alone? In this film, artist Keltie Ferris begins a new series of abstract paintings in her Bushwick, Brooklyn studio. Painting in isolation, Ferris discusses both the pleasures and anxieties of working in solitude. Throughout the film, Ferris looks outside of her daily studio process for connections to the world, taking stock of viewer’s responses to her work, finding inspiration in both books and the urban environment, and situating her paintings in an art historical tradition. Applying oil paint with various techniques—brush, palette knife, and a spray gun—Ferris builds up layers of marks over several weeks into complex shapes and patterns. Asserting that abstraction is about “trying to undo the nameable things in life,” Ferris describes her paintings as being about “seeing through to other worlds.”