Friday, December 2, 2011

Finding Public Art Wherever You Are in Los Angeles

For every east coaster who complains about how cultureless Los Angeles is, there's a local who knows about the awesome public art piece down the block. This is a creative city, and while we're known for our murals, there's a huge diversity of public art here--you'll find pieces made of neon, metal, LED lights, and even the Berlin Wall. And the best part is you'll find them almost everywhere. Here's Curbed LA's starter guide to some of the most notable work around the city, including icons, up and comers, and some we'll just politely call "interesting." The map is hardly exhaustive (and some pieces are only up temporarily, so hurry), but it should help you find a little art almost anywhere you go. Enjoy!

 Credits clockwise from top left: Public Art in LA; Public Art in LA; Collections and Archives as Creative Practice; Ball-Nogues; Wikipedia; SPARC