Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Philipp Otto Runge - colorsystem, Colour order systems in art and science

Philipp Otto Runge

The colour-sphere has the pure colours around the equator, starting with the three primary colours of red, yellow and blue. Three mixed colours take their place in each of the equal intermediate spaces between the primaries, while white and black form the sphere’s poles. Runge wished to capture the harmony of colours — not the proportions of mixtures. He wished to bring a sense order to the totality of all possible colours, and sought an ideal colour-solid. (Detailed text)

Colour order systems in art and science
Do you know Isaac Newton’s Theory of Colour? Or maybe Goethe’s? We present you with a total of 59 easy-to-understand, richly illustrated colour theories from the Antiquity to modern times: in short, a complete cultural history of colour written by Prof. Narciso Silvestrini and Prof. Ernst Peter Fischer.

Colours and cultures
The signification of colours in various cultural systems: Astrological connections, Ars Magna, I Ching, Chinese Tradition, The System of the Chakras, Hebrew Tradition, Islamic Tradition, Liturgical Tradition, Symbolism, Heraldry, Anthroposophical System, L’Archéomètre.