Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google expands its Art Project

Google just announced a major expansion of the Google Art Project. There is more information as well as a few videos on the google blog.

Google now has not just paintings, but also sculpture, street art and photographs from 151 museums in 40 countries.

The original Art Project which launched in 2011 counted 17 museums in nine countries and 1,000 images, almost all paintings from Western masters. Today, the Art Project includes more than 30,000 high-resolution artworks, with Street View images for 46 museums, with more on the way.
Some of the highlights are:
  • You can search by period, artist, or type and google will display results from various museums around the world
  • There are "street views" which have 360 degree images of the interiors of some galleries and museums
  • 46 artworks have super-resolution allowing you to see better than with the naked eye
  • There are many opportunities for social media engagements...users can create a personal gallery with their favorite works

Google has released this video to get you interested...