Friday, January 25, 2013

Afraid of Nothing: The Art of Miriam Wosk

Afraid of Nothing: The Art of Miriam Wosk,  Jan 19–Apr 20, 2013


When Miriam Wosk entered a gallery or museum opening, no matter how glamorous or how crowded the event was, all eyes turned to her. With her impressive figure, beautiful face and abundance of exotic jewelry, she was a live embodiment of the spirit of the eccentric Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, one of her personal favorites.

This last weekend, the Santa Monica Museum of Art unveiled a retrospective exhibition devoted to the art and life of Miriam Wosk, the well-known Los Angeles multi-media artist, who passed away in 2010. For many of her friends -- and I was lucky to count myself among them -- this exhibition is a welcome reminder of the strength and courage with which Miriam handled personal and professional more in this Huffington Post article by Edward Goldman

Watch a short film of Miriam Wosk working in her studio.