Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beginners Photoshop Tutorial

 The online magazine PetaPixel has posted a link to the Adobe Photoshop tutorial produced by Adobe Creative Cloud TV. The link to the video is below:

The 45 minute tutorial explains common actions beginning users would like to accomplish like:
  1. How to remove blemishes or ‘touch up’ a portrait (using the Spot Healing Tool)
  2. Working with Layers and Adjustment Layers
  3. Working with Masks
  4. How to Crop
  5. How to adjust exposure and fix colour-cast problems (using the Camera RAW filter)
  6. How to remove an object from a photo (using Content Aware Fill)
  7. How to move an object in a photo (using Content Aware Move) and duplicate/transform content
  8. How to remove a subject from a photo and place it on a new background (using Smart Select and Refine Edge)
  9. How to add text
  10. How to save your photos in both editable and sharable format