Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ArtSleuth Video Series

ArtSleuth is an original ten-episode video series (10 x 12 min) based on the Gigapixels and a very large set of image comparisons. Scripted like a detective inquiry, it shows that there is more than one expects in the pictures. It encourages the audience not simply to admire artworks, but to watch them more closely and to think critically about them. It is produced by Canal Educatif, whose mission is to produce high-quality educational content.
Each video only around 12-16 minutes long

ArtSleuth 1: VAN GOGH - The Starry Night (final version) - MOMA
ArtSleuth 2: MANET - In the Conservatory (final version) - Berlin
ArtSleuth 3: BOTTICELLI: The Birth of Venus (final version) - Uffizi Gallery
ArtSleuth 4: VIGÉE-LEBRUN: Marie-Antoinette and her Children - Palace of Versailles
ArtSleuth 5: REMBRANDT - The Prodigal Son (final version) - St-Petersburg
ArtSleuth 6: HOLBEIN - The Ambassadors (final version) - National Gallery London
ArtSleuth 7: BELLINI: St Francis in the Desert (final version) - New York
ArtSleuth 8: CARPACCIO: Young Knight in a Landscape (final version) - Thyssen Madrid
ArtSleuth 9: HOLBEIN: The Merchant Georg Gisze (final version) - Berlin
·ArtSleuth 10: BRUEGEL - The Harvesters (Metropolitan Museum New York)
 ArtSleuth videos  http://www.artsleuth.net. Explore the details of the painting here: